Core Value Coaching

Transform Your Thinking


To provide students with defined core value coaching tools and the navigation system that will guide them through every action and behavior.

Core Value Coaching

What are Core Values?  


Core Values are a navigation system that guides your every action and behavior.


How important Are Core Values For Teens Today?

Core Values are extremely important!  Life today is far more complicated and our adolescent community is feeling personal loss, rejection, bullying, and betrayal more than ever.  These issues are causing problems within their homes and communities. My mission is to bring Core Value Coaching virtually into the homes of teens regardless of community. By coaching students  to define their personal core values, we can help them become consciously engaged to:


  • Transform their thinking

  • Create a life that is satisfying and meaningful

  • Increase awareness of personal needs and the needs of others

  • Win battles with unhealthy behaviors

  • Defeat temptation and make wise decisions  

  • Maintain a healthy “Internal Compass”


What Happens With A Commitment
To Core Value Coaching?


Coach Mary T hosts group and individual coaching sessions via the Zoom video conference that helps students define and embrace their own core values and stand tall in who they are and who they want to work towards being. By committing to a weekly plan of activities that encourage these personal traits, behavior in their community/home can change for the better.


By choosing to build a life around defined core values, students can navigate life by turning pain points into an ignition of a vital spark that empowers a lifetime of healthy physical, spiritual and emotional choices.


Core Value Coaching stretches and challenges students from who they are to whom they want to be in life. If students are not taught Core Values, how do they learn right from wrong?  How do they discern the feeling of the inner voice, the moral compass?


In Summary, What Can Be Expected From Core Value Coaching?


  • A tailored program/curriculum for adolescent students

  • Outcome-based strategies to take away

  • Group Coaching experience that is inclusive and supportive "safe place to land" 

  • Each individual will choose a core value and OWN it!

“Your core values provide the compass that 

keeps you moving in the right direction."

—Susan David PhD


and Challenge the World
and Culture
for Today and Tomorrow

Coaching Curriculum Outline


Core Value Coaching


Group & Individual Coaching


  •  Defining Core Values/Moral Compass

  •  Setting Goals and Organization Skills 

  •  Defeating Self-Doubt

  •  Conquering Bullies and Toxic Relationships

  •  Finding Balance with Fitness and Nutrition

  •  Embracing "EMPATHY"

  •  Recognizing Leadership/Just Breathe

Core Value Coaching Fees Available Upon Request


Coach Mary T

My Story


Last year my husband Michael and I attended the  Knock Out Opioid Abuse, Town Hall meeting at Middletown High School South. This meeting would prove to be my personal and very defining MindShift. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office and their guest speakers would articulate the painful truth of the Opioid epidemic that is raging throughout our communities.


Our County holds the undesirable position of No. 2 in the State with this epidemic and if we do not shift gears IMMEDIATELY, we may very well become No. 1. A distinction we do not wish to hold.

At this Town Hall Meeting, I met an amazing group of women from Prevention First*, a Division of Preferred Behavioral Health Group. Interacting with their team encouraged my involvement as a volunteer and now member of The Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County, an affiliate of Prevention First which allowed me to envision myself making a very real contribution, coaching kids and teens.


So where is my area of expertise you may ask?
Life. Living. Making a lot of mistakes.
Learning from experience.

My first painful experience was at the age of 10 with the untimely death of my father, leaving me confused and heartbroken.
My strong-willed mother would continue to raise her children and with strong family core values, however, my heartbreak turned to anger and I would soon become her “problem child”. My formative years in elementary school found me spending more time with Sister Mary Joan, the school principal than I would in the classroom because I was
“Not a bad child just one with a fiery spirit!”

This fiery spirit would turn me into a turbulent and troubled teenager! My disruption in both the classroom and the household would find my widowed-mother often partnered with the Denville police to circumvent my misdeeds.

Unlike parents today, my mother Annie was not my friend, she would be my lifesaver. How you may ask?

To her credit she would:

  • Personally orchestrate my DUI

  • Repossess my car so “it does not become your coffin” 

  • Turn me in for possession of marijuana

  • Put me up for a few nights free of charge at the Morris County Youth Center!


These personal challenges as a troubled teenager, coupled with over 25 years of expertise and education in healthcare, wellness and life coaching, were the perfect catalyst in the creation of my business MindShift Transformations.  

I feel my life story resonates with many of our youth today who are feeling personal loss, rejection, bullying, and betrayal with physical and emotional pain. Life today seems to be far more complicated and the chain of command in our country is very fragmented and has sadly enough lost its Moral Compass. This spiral has left a huge disconnect in our relationships at home that filters into our schools, our communities, and yes — even in our churches. Prevention First recognized something in what I have to offer our young people.

I believe we should be teaching Core Values in the school system. My mission is to provide this next generation with defined core value coaching tools and the navigation system that will guide them through every action and behavior.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Alumni

Faith-Based Coaching Certification, Pillar College

Education & Wellness Coach, Ideal Protein

EDGE Leader, First Baptist Church of Red Bank

Certified Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Behavioral Health

Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County New Jersey,  Co-Chair 2020


*Prevention First, a Division of Preferred Behavioral Health Group, was incorporated as the Central Jersey Council on Alcoholism in 1967. Over the years, the focus changed to the prevention of alcohol abuse and more recently, expanded to include other drugs and other forms of abuse (dating/relationship abuse, gang violence and bullying). To best reflect what the agency does and emphasize its importance, the name was ultimately changed to Prevention First. In July 2017, Prevention First became a division of Preferred Behavioral Health Group.



"Mary has coached me with the insight and the ability to love who I was, who I am, and, who I am still to become.  She has coached me to be the very best me that I am capable of being and, everything that has occurred in the past – good or bad – has brought me to be a better person."

—  Kim



Core Value Coaching​. Transform Your Thinking.



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